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COVID-19 Safety Procedures



As you enter the dance/exercise studio, there is a sink with soap as well as hand sanitizer. You can wash your hands there before we begin each lesson, or feel free to use the restroom facilities, if you prefer.


I will keep the door handles, sink handles and restroom facilities sanitized before and after your lesson. All countertops and chairs also will be disinfected, so you will feel safe entering the studio.


 At this time, client’s may use their discretion to choose whether or not they prefer masks to be worn by everyone present during instruction.


If you feel sick, are running a fever, or have a persistent cough, please do not participate in the lesson. There is no fee to cancel on short notice.


Due to the size of the studio, I can handle only one or two personal training students at a time or up to four individuals (two couples) for dance lessons.


During the session, or at the end of your lesson, feel free to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.


Thank you for trusting me to teach you while also being socially responsible for each person's health.


I knowingly and willingly consent to take dance lessons/personal training during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and not hold anyone involved, including Mary Louise King and Jim Wallace, liable for the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

I understand that COVID-19 has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus might not show symptoms while possibly being highly contagious. It is impossible to determine who has the virus and who does not have it given the current limits on virus testing.

I also confirm that I am not presenting any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Loss of sense of taste or smell

  • Dry cough

  • Runny nose

  • Sore throat

Initials: ____

I confirm (only one of the following):

To the best of my knowledge, I never have contracted COVID-19.

Initials: ____


I have had COVID-19 but RECOVERED from it.

Initials: ____

Signature: _____________

Date: _________________

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