Personal training with me is best when it is private.  I am certified, licensed and insured to be an outside contractor who can go to a gym to provide personal training, but I know that my clients do much better reaching their goals by working with me one-on-one where no one can listen in on our conversations or watch them learn new moves that will strengthen their bodies. We often talk privately in a session about body, mind, and spirit – isolating which thought processes can be changed to make working out more like play and something to look forward to.  If you are looking for a way to reduce stress over which method to use to solve your wellness issues, give personal training with me a try.  


I give my full attention to my client for 50 minutes.  There are no interruptions.  Personal training price is $45.00 for 50 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes plus 7 percent sales tax ($48.15 or $32.10). If you have a friend whom you’d like to duo-train with, you can split the cost.  Sessions on Zoom, FaceTime and Skype are also available at the same price. 


My brand is the essence of me.  I represent lovely, light living. I testify as to what has worked for me to provide me with a life full of wellness.  I was born in 1954, and I know the struggles, as well as joys, that female baby boomers experience. There is something very satisfying in working with clients who are in my same demographic.  


My studio is handicapped accessible, so I can help with a wide range of problems and burdens.  Often, one might think of personal training as something only very fit persons would do, but I think my clients find me kind, encouraging and understanding to all body shapes and sizes.  We start wherever they are and move forward gently, so that whatever I train them to do sticks and becomes a positive part of their lives.  


I have various props here such as mats, hand-held weights, resistance bands and balls, but we won’t necessarily use any of them.  My style of personal training is to encourage my clients to take their practice home and make beneficial changes in their lives.  Therefore, my clients do not become dependent on a gym to work out, which saves both time and money.  


My studio has mirrors, which enable us to see our forms from many angles to make sure we are aligned and not doing an exercise or movement that could potentially hurt or strengthen the wrong muscles, which could cause poor posture.  I join in with my clients’ exercises, so we have a sense of comradery.  We are in it together, and the sense of being alone in the journey to wellness is alleviated.  When we are working on a certain area that needs support or spotting, I am there for my client to feel safe.   


Off-street parking is provided.  My home studio is conveniently located near downtown Charleston.  I participate in SpreeWV, a program to encourage patronizing East End and West Side merchants. Spending $300 in three months, one quarter of the year, can earn a reward of a $50 cash Visa card, and receipts from personal training with me can count towards that goal.  


My emphasis in personal training is to help my clients see fitness as fun and a form of play.  By moving together in a safe environment, my clients become stronger, more flexible and balanced, as well as “unstuck” from the routines that were not serving them.  We use our brains to move our bodies and often as our bodies move, new ways of thinking arise in a natural way. Sometimes, we don’t know these secrets to wellness until we move our bodies.  


As a personal trainer, I am simply the one who helps my clients get engaged in movement, which then gives them the ability to enjoy life more.  It’s the “Law of Inertia” that says a body at rest remains at rest unless some force starts the body moving.  Once the body is moving, it moves easier without as much effort.  I am that force, although my ways are gentle and encouraging. 


There’s so much more involved in the way I do personal training.  I wrote a blog on April 9, 2021, that you might want to read.  Go to my BLOG: Lovely Light Living page and look up that date’s entry.  


To inquire about the rate for personal training in your home or other facility, please email me at