About Me

“When I help you feel good, I feel happy.  If everyone did yoga, Pilates or even chair-based exercises and followed their passion to dance or to move in some other way that gave them joy, there would be much less warfare and strife in the world.”

– Mary Louise King

I have been teaching mat-style yoga and Pilates as well as chair exercise in group classes and providing personal training since February 2007.


My degree from West Virginia University is in interior design. I have use the principles I learned there to design a lovely, light life for myself. I am the essence of my brand, and I want to help you enjoy the same lovely, light lifestyle. Finding the joy in movement is the key to my success, and I can teach you these principles.


When I started ballroom and Latin dancing, I had a strong core, good balance and great flexibility because of my practice.  My purpose is to help you have a sense of confidence about your body so that you can pursue your desires in life.

​I did not know anyone in the dance community when I started to take lessons from Craig Giffin and Julia McCormick. After their deaths, I got the vision of continuing their work.  As an honor to them, I am carrying their baton.  I want our Charleston, West Virginia, dance community to have a place on the internet to find out what dances are being held here in our area.  I also want to inform out-of-town guests where they can dance when they visit our town.

​My partner, Jim Wallace, is volunteering to teach ballroom and Latin dance lessons with me because of his willingness to invest in our dance community.  Couples may attend lessons together but having a dance partner is not necessary.  I can dance with the male and Jim can critique from an outsider’s viewpoint, or vice versa. 

​If you are interested in or yoga or Pilates, I can give you personal training at my home, at a community facility, or at your home.  I require a personal contact before we begin. 

My style of teaching is fun.  Please see the Clients' Reviews page for testimonials from some of my students. I also teach fitness chair exercise classes at assisted living centers and am available for speaking engagements that would involve group participation.


​For more information about me, please click this link to read the Charleston Gazette-Mail article that Sandy Wells wrote about me on August 1, 2016:



You can email me at MaryLouise.King.WV@gmail.com.  Website addresses are MaryLouiseKing.com and CharlestonWVDance.com. 

My purpose is

to help you have a sense of confidence about your body so that you can pursue your desires in life.