About Me

“When I help you feel good, I feel happy.  If everyone did yoga, Pilates or even chair-based exercises and followed their passion to dance or to move in some other way that gave them pleasure, there would be much less warfare and strife in the world.”

– Mary Louise King

I have been teaching mat-style yoga and Pilates as well as chair exercise in group classes and providing personal training for more than ten years. 


When I started Latin and Ballroom dancing, I had a strong core, good balance and great flexibility because of my practice.  My purpose is to help you have a sense of confidence about your body so that you can pursue your desires in life.


I did not know anyone in the dance community when I started to take lessons from Craig Giffin and Julia McCormick. After their deaths, I got the vision of continuing their work.  As an honor to them, I am carrying their baton.  I want our Charleston, West Virginia, dance community to have a place on the internet to find out what dances are being held here in our area.  I also want to inform out-of-town guests where they can dance when they visit our town.


My partner, Jim Wallace, is volunteering to teach Latin and Ballroom dance lessons with me because of his willingness to invest in our dance community.  Couples may attend lessons together but having a dance partner is not necessary.  I can dance with the male and Jim can critique from an outsider’s viewpoint, or vice versa. 


If you are interested in core strengthening work or flexibility training, I can give you personal training at my home, at a community facility, or at your home.  I require a personal contact before we begin. I am posting a list of my group classes and where the local dances are being held so that you can come and meet me in a public way before we would begin personal training. 


My style of teaching is fun.  Please see the testimonials from some of my students elsewhere on this website. I also teach seated exercise classes at assisted living centers and am available for speaking engagements that would involve group participation.


For more information about me, please click this link to read the Charleston Gazette-Mail article that Sandy Wells wrote about me on August 1, 2016:



You can email me at MaryLouise.King.WV@gmail.com.  Website addresses are MaryLouiseKing.com, CharlestonWVDance.com, and WestVirginiaDance.com.

My purpose is

to help you have a sense of confidence about your body so that you can pursue your desires in life.