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Wellness Benefits


Finding joy in movement brings many benefits. For example, you likely will find that your relationships with others will improve as you feel better. Becoming stronger, more flexible, and having better balance will boost your self image. 


My training has much to do with self-development. If you choose to become a dancer, you'll be able to gain more relationships with other dancers in our community. I am the one who can introduce you to the large social network of the dance community.


Of course, my training goes beyond dance lessons. Personal training with me is a journey that will help you find the joy of movement that certainly paves a path to lovely, light living. I come alongside you to help you achieve what you are passionate about.

Common Benefits

Identify which benefits below appeal to you.  Let me know what is important to you, so that, as I give you personal training in dance or core or flexibility exercise, I will know what you desire as your end result.

  • More fun and enjoyment out of life

  • Better health

  • Physical benefits such as balance, posture, cardiovascular endurance

  • Enjoyable exercise

  • Self-improvement

  • A means of expressing yourself

  • A hobby you are interested in

  • Quality time with your partner

  • Meeting new people

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Making new friends

  • Becoming happier

  • Learning to be in the present moment

  • A release from tension

  • Becoming more graceful and poised

  • Overcoming shyness

  • Improved appearance

  • Improved social life

  • Improved business opportunities 

  • Increased popularity and overcoming loneliness

  • Increased admiration from others

  • Increased ability to communicate and converse with others

  • Ease and assurance socially

  • Attending and enjoying more social events

  • Improved social life

  • Better relaxation and feeling calmer about life

  • Finding re-creation, something that feels like creating

  • Becoming aware of performance opportunities in the area

  • Obtaining a sense of achievement

  • Experiencing self-compassion

  • Adding excitement and something you love to your journey of life. 

  • Loving yourself by setting an intention and vision for yourself

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