Location/Hours/Contact Info

The Exercise/Dance studio is located on the lower level of my home at 910 Mathews Avenue, Charleston, WV. There is a separate entrance to the studio at the bottom of my driveway.  Safe, off-road parking is provided, and it is lighted at night. If you pull into the driveway, we assist you as you back out.  People with small cars can turn around or feel free to park at the top of the driveway and walk down.


The studio is wheelchair accessible for those wanting to do chair-based exercise in their own chairs.  


I am located on Google maps. Just search for Mary Louise King LLC or Charleston WV Dance.  


Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily by appointment only.  Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.  


The best way to contact me is to use this website and click on my email address: 

MaryLouise.King.WV@gmail.com. These emails come straight to me from my website and do not go into the spam file.  If you call, 304-389-7725, I sometimes cannot answer because I am teaching classes, but I will call you back if you leave a message. 


Please leave your phone number in the inquiry email you send me from my website page.  Once I receive your email, I can make a contact for you and my phone will then accept calls and texts from you.