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Staying Active and Feeling Safe

My dad died nine years ago today (January 29). This is the year I can sign up for Medicare. This photo brings a smile to my heart. I can see my muscles and bright eyes and flexibility. This photo was taken Saturday, January 26, at the Sleighbell Ball near Point Pleasant. I was surrounded by like-minded people all having fun. I am thankful for my students. We keep each other fit. I am thankful for Jim Wallace. He likes to eat fruits, vegetables and protein, as well as olive oil and other healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. I feel very safe in my community. Thank you so much! Everyone is welcome to join my classes as well as the dance community. I also do personal training if you feel you need more specific attention to the details of your life. Come join into a joyous and rewarding life. My loving community of friends has truly given me a new life that is full of all the things we humans desire.

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