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Rejuvenate Your Body in 10 Minutes

What would you say if I was able to rejuvenate your body in 10 minutes? I help people get their lives back by finding joy in movement.

Have you ever drunk a cup of coffee that came from a pot that was not cleaned; someone just added grounds to the old grounds? It is pretty stale. If you are a coffee drinker, you know how you can immediately tell if coffee is old, stale, and not attended to. Likewise, we do not want to give out vibes of stagnation. We want to feel and seem very appealing. I will explain in this blog how I help people refresh their lives by cleaning out their bodies and removing old, unwanted toxins. Then their lives become enjoyable and desirable again, not only to themselves, but also in the way they appear to others.

Having an outlet or way to get rid of toxins is what’s important. The Dead Sea is dead because it has no outlet. It is not moving water such as a lake or stream that is always being refreshed and renewed. Water comes into the Dead Sea, but it has no way to get rid of the minerals that are dumped into it, therefore fish and plants can’t live there. The water needs to move to stay alive and rejuvenated. People are like this, too.

When people move their bodies, they remove toxins that build up during the day from normal activities of eating, drinking and dealing with stress. The secret is that the body needs to move to allow its cleansing system – called the lymph system or immune system – to work. Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has a heart to pump the blood, the immune system has no pump to remove toxins. We must move for the lymph system to work to remove toxins. When we move, we can breathe out, sweat out or excrete out our toxins.

Breathing is one way we move lymph fluid, but also using our skeletal muscles to move our limbs gets the lymph flowing. When we move our joints, the synovial fluid inside the joints turns rather slimy, and then the toxins can be transported out into the tissues. These tissues need the muscles to squeeze them to move the toxins into the capillaries, where the blood can carry them to the waste removal areas.

I give people fun ways to move, including yoga, Pilates, seated-chair exercise and social dancing. When I combine what I do with my personality attuned to lovely, light living, we find joy in movement together. When people hang out with me, they are healthier in body, mind and spirit.

I offer a type of mindfulness called “moving meditation.” As we open our hearts by lifting our arms and by moving, we sense intuitively that toxins flow out and joy flows in. I often ask people, “What if I were able to get you to meditate while you were moving, refreshing your whole body?” They are always interested.

You can try this little exercise: raise your hands above your head. When was the last time you did that? When you have your arm to your side, all the lymph nodes under your arm are compacted. Raise up your arm, get some new lymph to come into the lymph nodes in your armpits, then squish it back out again, cleansing that area. As you do this simple exercise, imagine you are opening up with hands above your head to receive all the good life has to offer. Then, when you bring your arms down, bring your hands to heart center in prayer position. Following that, turn your palms up and reach out, imagining you are giving this goodness away. Bring your hands back to prayer position. Then repeat, offering what’s in your heart to the heavens by taking your arms overhead again. This movement can be accompanied by inhales and exhales, and as you do it, you are doing a moving meditation, rejuvenating your body while also imaging helping your community and the whole world with your renewed spirit. Keeping your armpits happy keeps your whole body happy.


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