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Walking properly to ease back pain and improve poise

The way we carry ourselves is important to our overall well-being. A confident person has good posture and good body mechanics. In my chair-based exercise classes, we often stand beside the chair and practice walking properly. We are wired neurologically like an X. The right brain controls the left side of the body and vice-versa. When we walk, this same pattern happens. The right hand and shoulder come forward when the left leg steps forward, causing a small twist below the rib cage and above the pelvis. This gentle twisting in the lower back area helps to move out inflammation that can be caused by stagnation of the tissues and joints. Our bodies are made to move, and moving in the proper way normally will decrease pain. It’s a natural process to want to move with poise and confidence, being aware of our body mechanics, so that we use the least amount of energy to perform our daily activities in the most efficient way.

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