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What makes a good life?

Recently, I listened to a TedTalk, “What makes a good life?” It was lessons from the longest study on adult development, which covered 75 years, by the study’s director, Robert Waldinger. The clearest message from the study was that good relationships keep us healthier and happier. Social connections are really good for us. Living in the midst of good, warm relationships is protective, and this type of atmosphere helps our body and helps our brain. Memories stay sharper longer when people are connected, and surely dance is connecting to people’s eyes and embrace, but I have sensed a connection to the whole dance community. Although I am not retired, it is a great place for replacing workmates with playmates. Dancing is a form of play, and when we are on the dance floor, no one is judging us. Everyone is moving to the music within the tempo and having a great time. After I have learned the steps of each dance, I hardly ever think of the steps. That would seem like work, and dance is more about moving with freedom, responding to my partner, and knowing I can’t really make a mistake as long as I keep the beat with my feet.

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