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Dead butt and/or tight hip flexor exercises

This video is to inspire you to stand up and move, stretching your hip flexors. There is also a syndrome called “dead butt” that is caused by sitting too long. My video shows some hip flexor stretches that involve clenching the butt muscles. There’s great motivation to do these exercises: to have less pain and be more sexy/attractive. As we all know, our partners like to see us move. I’ve never heard another girl say that they love to see how their partner sits around all the time watching TV or playing with his computer. For more exercises regarding dead butt, check out this link: The Apple Watch comes with a feature called “close your rings.”. The Stand ring “tracks your progress toward your Stand goal and motivates you to get up throughout the day.” The Apple Watch makes you accountable to yourself to get up and move. See this link for more information:


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