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Surround Yourself with Symbols

I recently was asked to tell more about myself. Following are some stories that resonate with me.

1. The ugly duckling. At first, she seemed to be the oddball, but when she got older, she realized she was a swan. Then she attracted and connected with other swans, which represent grace and gentleness.

2. The daisy who bloomed where she was planted. In the beginning, she was planted in a dry and arid ground, but her roots were down deep, so she could bloom! She found the water and nutrients she needed. She is not planted there anymore. She was transplanted into soil much richer, and she has strength to reproduce herself.

3. The pearl. The pearl is made from an irritation the oyster had. Instead of rejecting it and opening itself up to possible death, the oyster transformed the irritation into a lovely pearl – one that is valuable for its iridescence and radiance.

4. The butterfly. The butterfly leaves the old caterpillar life and transforms into an amazing butterfly that is very colorful – and can fly!

5. The fairy god-sister who finds the magical kingdom of fairy dust and high vibes – and uses it to help humans rise higher on the scale of consciousness. (David Hawkins’s book, Power vs. Force)

6. The flower that the gardener pruned back because he loved it. Even the good blossoms were cut off so that her stock could become strong and the life force could become greater. Now, when she blooms, the fragrance of her flowers fills the room.

I love to surround myself with these symbols: flowers, fairy dust, swans, butterflies and pearls. Can you think of stories that represent your life? What are the symbols that represent moving forward and getting unstuck? How did that help you as well as others?


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