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The Strength of Trying New Things

Today, I learned to change oil in my lawnmower. I watched this video: My grass had gotten too high. I had a reaction to my second COVID vaccine and was too sick to mow. When I tried to mow yesterday, my lawnmower kept bogging down and stalling. I turned it on its side to clean out the underside of my lawnmower. The problem was, I turned it over on the wrong side. Oil and gas’s leaked out through the filter. So today, I was not sure if the oil level was high enough to run my lawnmower. For the first time in my life, I drained the old oil out and put new in, measuring 12.5 oz. of 10w-30 type new oil in. My friend, Nancy, came over and we lifted my lawnmower into her car. I took it to Pile Hardware where they sharpened my lawnmowers blades and recycled the oil. I came back home and cut my grass again. This time, the process was so much easier.

Thinking back about my day, I believe my physical health and strength encouraged my mental health. I was willing to learn something new, and I felt capable of understanding the process and carrying out the task. I felt lovely and a certain lightness inside. This was not an extremely difficult task, and I felt feminine. I know a little bit more about the mystery of mechanical things now.

Albert Einstein said, “ The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”


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